Easy As 1, 2, 3...


High-Tech Sensors - The Future of Water Mitigation Reporting. Simply place the sensors in the affected areas of a water damage property.

These sensors communicate with our cellular gateway sending data to our mobile app.

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Confirm Connectivity

The cellular gateway automatically connects to the network providing you an indication of a tower connection.  This is ideal for applications without an existing wired Internet connection or where existing infrastructure is dedicated to other resources.

Once the initial conditions are recorded, the DryCheck System automatically calibrates sensors.  It’s simple, time effective, and integral to the overall process used to maintain instrument accuracy. Configuring and calibrating our industry leading instruments will ensure accurate results within an acceptable range.

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Just walk away

Simply deploy the DryCheck system and walk away.  The DryCheck system will do all the monitoring, reporting and communication, alerting you to conditions in a surrounding area.  With fewer site visits, now you have more time to manage other field level tasks and improved customer experience.

The DryCheck system is designed to save you time and money on water damage insurance claims. With remote monitoring, quick and easy dry log reporting, accelerated submission of the insurance claim to insurance providers can be realized.  The DryCheck system is a great way to eliminate wasted time and money on water damage insurance claim jobs.

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